Hey there, I’m Rogerio Calvario. I’m a Photographer working and living in Johannesburg.


I work for a small, and yet, incredibly talented Creative Agency out of the heart of Southern Africa. I have gained experience not from sitting in lecture halls but instead travelling the world, learning from the pros in my field and pushing harder and harder every day to get ahead of an ever-growing field. I love what I do, and I love what I capture on a day to day basis.

My love of photography has created a pathway for me to discover so much more. Specifically the complexity of videography and the latest trend in both Ariel photography and Ariel Cinematography. I have found that the only way to keep on being better than the rest is by ensuring a constant connection with my inner madness to create more.

If you choose me to assist you in your need to capture a moment of time in your life, I will ensure that it is obtained with absolute perfection. Ready for you to help grow your business, share your talents or merely keep memories for friends and family. A photographer is meant to be there not as a service but as a helping hand, ready to click the shutter when you are ready.

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